Hi, I’m Sammie and I invite you to get to know me better. As you read these words written on my heart, please allow yours to be opened to accepting them.

You may be wondering why I’m choosing to adopt. Simply put, I have a lot of love to share. I realize that an adoption is not one sided; a child will add to my life by returning more than I can ever give. I desire to be a mother because this is the purest love that I can give and receive. I look forward to opportunities to learn, grow, share joy and play with a little one.

I appreciate and admire your choice to consider an adoption plan for your child. I’m here to listen and support you with compassion, kindness, and understanding. It’s my sincerest hope that this “brief” introduction, allows you a sneak peak into my life. My hope is not to impress you with vocabulary and/or grammar, but with sincerity of heart. I hope to connect with you soon.

Learn more about me at https://www.sammieadopts.com/

My email is sammieadopts@gmail.com.

My phone number is 585-678-1090.

You can also reach out to my Attorney: Faith Getz Rousso:
Phone: 516-500-9292 Email: Faith@RAdopt.com

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Financial Support

Expectant mothers who choose to make an adoption plan may qualify for some level of financial assistance during their pregnancy. However, each person's situation and specific needs are different. Your adoption social worker can help you determine what level of assistance you qualify for and deserve. Many expectant mothers qualify for financial assistance to cover basic pregnancy and living expenses, including but not limited to - transportation reimbursement, utility assistance for phone, water, and electricity/gas, maternity clothing and supplements, etc.


Food & Groceries


Medical Expenses


Rent & Utilities


Household Items





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FAQ’s about placing a baby for Adoption

I'm considering giving my baby up for adoption. How much does that cost?

It won't cost you anything. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, all of your medical and legal fees will be covered and you may be eligible for financial assistance with other pregnancy-related expenses.

I'm experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don't know who the birth father is. Can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes. Even if you don’t know the identity of the birth father, you can still choose to make an adoption plan. However, every adoption situation is different. The adoption social worker you’re assigned to will get to know you and your story first, and then guide you through the process accordingly.

When is the right time to talk with an adoption professional?

You can make an adoption plan at any point in your pregnancy, even after the baby has been born. But, it's important to start the process as early in your pregnancy as possible. Connecting with those resources will allow you to gain access to important medical services, including prenatal care, to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When I create an adoption plan, will I get to choose who is in the room with me during delivery?

One aspect of your adoption plan is the "Hospital Plan" an outline of how you'd like your hospital stay and delivery to go. You can craft this on your own or with the help of your adoption social worker. But everything is up to you. You’ll be able to choose who comes to the hospital with you, who is in the room with you during delivery, and how much time you’d like to spend with the baby before signing the final papers.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family after I place my baby with them?

As part of your adoption plan, you'll determine whether or not you’d like to have an open or closed adoption or something in between. Open adoptions may include phone calls, messaging (via social media, email, or text), and/or periodic visits each year. Closed adoptions may include no contact at all or annual updates provided to the birth parent(s) by the adoptive family. Each post-adoption relationship is different and can vary based on what an expectant mother chooses in her adoption plan.

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My Blog

Have a Great Weekend


I hope you guys have a great weekend!! Enjoy your favorite summer activities & treats with Family & Friends. I know I will πŸ’•

Ice Cream Cone


One thing about summer is the cool treats. I love ice cream 🍨  πŸ¦ I don't usually eat it when it's cold. So it's a real treat for me when it's warm out. πŸ˜‹ 

Mom Date ☺️


Loved spending the day with my mom on this sunny and hot day. 

Adoption is LOVE


Adoption is LOVE. While this statement is often said by many, its meaning is powerful, leaving behind no heart untouched. 

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Birdwatching with the Family


We saw a pretty Blue Bird at the waterfall the other day. I'm guessing it was looking for breakfast or lunch πŸ˜‚. I'm not sure what kind of bird it was; it sure was pretty  πŸ¦πŸͺΆ

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You can do it!


Sometimes we may have dreams to travel, visit, or build something. But we hold back to wait on others and we end up missing out. I'm here to encourage you to try it yourself. You'll build courage and strength. You can do it! 😊

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Beach Day!


Enjoyed spending time with my family. Blue skies and warm sunshine, always puts a smile on my face. I love these moments! 

Cousin’s H.S.Grad BBQ Celebration


This weekend's Activities: It was an honor & pleasure to celebrate my cousins' high school graduation with family & friends. She's such a kind and sweet human being. Always grateful for whatever gifts she receives and so sympathetic towards others needs. I'm super proud of her. Love her to pieces!!!

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Local Waterfall


I love these spontaneous adventures on my day off. Today me, my mom, and cousin decided to visit a local waterfall  

Eye Makeup Glam


Applying makeup is one of my favorite hobbies. I decided to make a quick eye makeup tutorial. Let me know what you think 😊

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Bathroom Remodel


I updated my sisters bathroom. It was hard work, but very rewarding. Adding shiplap modernized and brightened up the space. 

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Learning how to operate an excavator


My friends live on a farm and this NYC girl was determined to learn  how to drive their excavator. πŸ˜‚

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Wing Night


Wing Night done right! Using my air fryer is a highlight for me. It's quick and easy. Check out my first attempt at making wings. 

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I attended my friends wedding this past weekend. It was so amazing; it felt like something out of a storybook. I'm so happy for the new couple, as they're both so kind. 

Views From Hawaii


GrowIng up with humble beginnings, I'd never imagine being able to travel to Hawaii. It's now one of my favorite places to visit. The people are so warm, the food delicious, and the culture rich. I take a piece of Hawaii nestled in my heart for good vibes & calm. 🌺🌸

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Karaoke Night


Am I a professional karaoke 🎀 queen no. But I love to be the backup dancer or singer πŸ˜‚. It's always a good time!

Hi, I’m Samantha


I’m happy to start my adoption journey. I’m in a stable career that I love. It allows me time for the more important things. I’m spiritual-minded, well-grounded, fun-loving, kind, and believe it or not humble (smile). I’m looking forward to sharing love, support, education, adventures, and laughter with this special one. I am looking forward to sharing his/her life with you as much as you would like. I’m here to support your decision and emotions in this aspect.  Meet My Experts! Learn more about me at https://www.sammieadopts.com/ I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to me in the way that’s most comfortable for you. My email is sammieadopts@gmail.com. My phone number is 585-678-1090. You can also reach out to my Attorney: Faith Getz Rousso:Phone: 516-500-9292 Email: Faith@RAdopt.com

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Oh Deer 🦌


I woke up to new neighbors this morning! Hmm.... I wonder how much are their taxes?...Ok that was a little corney but you still smiled (a little...very little). I love watching nature in my own backyard. What a change from NYC? I went from subway tracks to deer in my backyard! WOW 😳

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Adoption = Family


Even though we may have different physical features, we have the same LOVE! 

Eye Makeup Glam


Makeup is truly an art. Though I'm no professional, I  do enjoy playing around with it from time to time. My fave glam look is the "no-makeup look." I made a mini tutorial video for this simple 'Eye Glam' look. What do you think? 

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Roller Skating Friend & Fam Fun 🀩


The best part of roller skating is falling, laughing at yourself and then getting up to do it all over again. This weekend was no different. Surrounded by friends and family, I enjoyed the flashing lights, music, and food at the roller rink this weekend. 

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Missing Sock in the Wash 🧼


It never fails; it seems with every load of laundry 🧺 another sock goes missing. It's amazing how this happens. But I hold on to the other side hoping that the lost one will show up. But it never does. 🀣

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Did Someone call for a Power Washer?


Here I come! I power washed my deck this past weekend. I'm getting it summer ready. I can't wait to sit under the shade with a good book or just Netflix & Chill with my phone πŸ’•

My Friends Baby Shower


My friend is absolutely glowing here!  We enjoyed celebrating her future arrival at her "Starbucks Themed" baby shower. It was so stinking cute. She had a fully stocked and decorated coffee & tea table, with classic Starbucks treats and a huge cake to match. Playing baby games, eating and laughing made it so much fun. I can't wait to meet her precious bundle of joy. We're both looking forward to becoming first time Mom’s. πŸ’•πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’•

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Give yourself grace


Remember our imperfections adds character. It makes us who we are. So don't be too hard on yourself. Give yourself GRACE πŸ’• Giving ourselves grace is: permission to forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgment, and hurtful behavior, because no one is perfect.  

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Day Off β€œDIY” πŸ› βš’οΈπŸ”¨


I decided to assemble a "DIY" project on my day off. My bathrooms' colors are pretty neutral and I wanted a color that popped. What do you think about the yellow?(there's no wrong answer πŸ˜‚). I love it! If you have any suggestions as to what to put on this ladder let me know.

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Sunny Sunday in the park


Today was both sunny and warm. It was a treat, since I've been waiting for this weather since the winter 😊. I decided to spend some me time in the park. It was such a joy seeing families barbecuing and kids playing. I took in the view and let it sink in, looking forward to the day when I can do the same with a child. I went for a walk and then read a book. Feeling the sun on my face was so refreshing!!  How do you spend a sunny Sunday? 😎 

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Back to work Monday


The first day of the week is always a challenge (Monday Blues). My first instinct is to hit the snooze button at least twice πŸ˜‚. But once I'm up, I am  up and ready to start the day! I listen to relaxing music as I get ready. Then I look myself in the mirror and say a few motivating words like: Good morning, you're going to have a good day. Sounds silly but it works. Try it 😊 Are you a morning person? LMK 

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